Thursday, March 15, 2012

Airy Fairy Love Altar

I just love love magick in the spring time ^_^ So I was reviewing last year's Witch's Spell-A-Day almanac (since I haven't got around to buying a new one) and I thought I would share Tess Whitehurst's Airy fairy Love Altar as a fun love spell for spring that also involved our Fae friends. This would be a good beginner's spell for those of you just getting into fairy magic and wanting a bit of love in your life.

The spell did not say so, but I would recommend this spell be done on the Friday closest to the New Moon. Friday's are special to Freya and Venus therefore are great for love and beauty magic.

Find a picture or a statue of two or more winged fairies. I personally recommend the Lovers or Two of Cups card form a Fairy Tarot deck of choice, especially if you enjoy tarot magic.
Spread a sparkly, pastel-colored cloth over a small table, shelf or box.
Position the image in the center and add a white or light-colored votive. I recommend a light pink, rose scented candle that doesn't have an over-powering scent.
Add a stick of vanilla scented incense stick and a lepidolite crystal (which has been cleansed in the sunlight).
Light the candle and incense.
Hold the crystal to your heart and say:
Fairies of joy and delirious bliss
Send me the one with a magical kiss
Close your eyes and feel the dizzy, whimsical feeling of falling in love.
Place the crystal back on the altar
Let the incense burn all the way down and extinguish the candle (or let it burn out as well if you can do so safely). 
Leave the altar until the next New Moon. Then, put the crystal under a tree as a gift to the fairies.

I wanted to add that you might consider burying the incense ash and what remains of the candle under the same tree. Always be sure to leave an offering for the fae. If you do not wish to leave the crystal then at least leave an offering of milk and honey as thanks. 

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