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One View on Dragons

I was given this article on Dragons by my dear friend Heaven's Divinity

original version published on  Saturday, 26 November 2011 at 11:50.
(This may not hold truth for everyone who has had dragon experiences, but it holds truth for me, from my experiences. Also the information may not be perfect as I’m only human.)

 For those of you who don't know, I work with dragons. They live in their own dimension and they visit me astrally or I visit them astrally in meditation. Some people work with spirits, angels, and elves. etc. I get the chance to work with dragons for about five years now. I even get to call them my brothers. My brothers have agreed that I can share some info on their way of life, although not much, but it is something.

I wouldn't recommend befriending a dragon right off the bat, not all dragons are good, not all dragons have good intentions. "Good” vs.”evil” is more complex than we naturally would think as there are countless spectrum’s of colors involved from that aspect.Even when they are good their intentions aren't always that clear. They always have an ace up their sleeve so to speak, for their intelligence surpasses the human race. One has to be very careful with working with mystical beings. Unless you have a well established bond of many years for they will only tell you half truths of what suites them the best. Even if one does have a well established bond of many decades with a mystical. One still has to be careful and clear on what they want from a mystical one. Don't take what they say blindly, often times its what they don't say is what is important. Don't get me wrong my tribe has been nothing but good to me and have yet to do anything horrid, its just one has to always keep guard up when dealing with any other worldly beings. Even though they are not a higer race, like elves, fae, etc, are not higher beiings, (some would like you to think otherwise. ) Respect is still a given when working with mystical ones, especially dragon. One does not want to get on a dragons bad side. They are not adoptable pets and treating them as such will anger them.

“Bad” Dragons you can literally tell form the energy they give off and the color black. Call me biased but that’s what I observed from the dragon race. The red ones can be temperamental. The darker colored dragons are considered more dangerous like a very dark green the same for alll colors etc The grey ones are also not the friendlily types, just from personal experiences. The "bad"dragons can creat earthquakes in this realm,(not too sure of this.)

With that said, lets get to the good information. Dragons are a very secretive race they mostly keep to themselves.   They are in small groups, families, tribes etc. My tribe has many members, a lot. They come in many colors (some colors  that we can't imagine.), shapes, and sizes. They have rankings and leaderships. How dragons succeed leaderships if the former leader dies etc. It rarely happens since dragons live for many millenniums, however they can die from a mortal wound as other beings know their weaknesses and hunt them, that’s why long ago most left the mortal realm.

The dragon race is carnivorous, they eat big animals like fish etc.

Also when dragons mate they mate for life. Female dragons can bare a few eggs at a time, the tribes fiercely protect their families.

They are very hygienic as they are an intellectual race. Their scales are sacred magic that gives them knowledge on everything around them. Basically they know all about you before you can utter a hello, obviously proficient masters in magic. They can speak telepathically though never tried that. The reasonthey breath fire it's because a type of chemical in their body.

To my knowledge they can't shapeshift. I've never seen this, so I can't say. (I'm open to the posability though since they are masters of magic.)

Falling in love with mortals is taboo for them that just doesn't happen to my knowledge but strangely taboo to speak of. (So, I don't know.)

Dragons are fiercely territorial and will protect their land and tribe at all cost. One thing that dragons do practice when enemy tribes attack is cannibalism. Its an old ritual of sorts. Its either they eat them or be eaten. When dragons fight they fight to the death no prisoners. That’s who they are and I accept that both “good” and “bad” tribes practice this ancient ritual.

One time me and my perfect timing I was looking for my dragons in meditation. When I found them my tribe was attacked by black dragons and it was a bloody thing and brought sadness to me, when my buddy noticed me he pushed me back into this realm. Which stunned me because I was still debating during that time if they were real or not.

 Furthermore dragons do have caves of countless treasures books included but they keep treasures to hide them away from the mortal race as greed can consume us much. I was lucky to be able to visit such a cave and I never want to again because their guards are scary.

 Their heat and scales are healing. The dragons are often sought after for advice, although the dragon tribe rarely gives opinion or advise on mortal matters unless asked. The don't like to be involved in things outside their tribe or family. Being able to fly with them in meditation is a powerful and amazing experience, it's also an entitlement. So, don't go asking a dragon you just meet or your toast or better yet they won't communicte with you anymore. To them I think it would be a lack of respect, if you ask a dragon that you just meet to ride them.

           Their protection and knowledge on the divine is great, as well.

I hope this information pleases.

Please don't copy and paste anywhere else, unless you have permission. Please link where you found this information or something.
For all I know all this could be part of my delusional mind and ego take what I say with a grain of salt

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