Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Fairies' Oracle

I bought Brian Froud's The Fairies' Oracle for Damon as my very first present to my, then, boyfriend. He guessed what it was before I gave it to him, proving that Intuitives are the worst people to buy presents for.

I don't think I need to tell you that this book and deck are beautiful. Froud's work is famous for its detail, whimsy, surreal yet real quality and more. He is well known among friends of the fae, for a good reason. Each card is a work of art and could be framed as such...but then it would be very difficult to shuffle...

He loves this Oracle, and so do I. We've used it frequently over the last 4 years not only to do readings for ourselves and each other but for friends and family. Each time the oracle has been accurate and, at times, a little harsh. It is especially blunt when it feels you're using it too often to try and pry out a different outcome to the same question (I've even had a feeling of sarcasm from it during these times).

I may do some readings here and there with these cards and share them on this blog, just to demonstrate my experience with them.

I recommend, if you have these cards, to do the exercises in the introduction part of the book. They were very helpful to both my husband and myself to see the versatility of these cards. I was especially surprised by the exercise that has you pic the card you found most appealing and the card you found most offensive in the deck and later tells you what they mean to your own personality and ego...it caused a lot of introspective meditation in my home.

I will add these are the perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys divination or simply loves fairies in general.

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