Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Once upon a time...

When I was a little girl, I believed strongly in fairies, elves, dragons, mermaids and more. My mother allowed me to keep this belief because she thought it was whimsical and quaint. I quickly became aware, however, that I was alone in my belief and after years of ridicule I buried it deep within my heart.

It wasn't until I met my husband, Damon, nearly five years ago that I realized there were others out there, like me, who believed the Fae existed.
When Damon told me that not only did he believe in fairies but actually worked with them, I was thrilled. My childhood beliefs and joy bubbled up from within and my interest was rekindled.

My first experience with fairies was when I was very little, about 4 years old. I barely remember it and during my later years in grade school I chalked it up to a dream. I was ready for bed and it was in the middle of the summer. Our home then didn't have air conditioning so we left the windows open, hoping to let the air in. I was kneeling at the window of my bedroom, looking into the night sky when I saw her.
She looked like she was made of glitter and glass and starlight. She didn't look like Tinkerbell or any of the little princess-like fairies from the movies I had seen or stories I had read. She looked all-together alien and she smiled at me and touched my cheek before flitting off into the twilight.
My mother thought I had made up some imaginary friend. Somehow I wish I had because if she was imaginary I would have brought her back. I never did see that light fairy again.

I did however become re-introduced to the fae abruptly when I started stay at Damon's house out in the country.
Damon worked with the fae often in magick and in his music. He warned me that they tended to be mischievous but I had no idea...
One little imp, as I've come to call him, enjoys popping into windows just for a second to shock me. He has done this 2 times, once when I was doing dishes and again when I was using the toilet.
I told Damon about this and he laughed heartily.

I am so happy to have the Fae in my life and have created this blog to share their world with you.
Please read my posts with an open heart and an open mind. Let their child-like joy, love and yes, even their mischief into your life. I swear, you'll be the happier for it.

Love and Light,
D. Corobane

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