Sunday, March 25, 2012

Could you be a Fae?

Fairies walk among us in the guise of humans. This has been a fact for many of us who study the fae. Usually we think its the fae putting on a glamour (a form of magic that makes those around them see what the fae wants them to see). But could the fae have reincarnated into a human form?

Doreen Virtue, in her book Earth Angels, writes about Reincarnated Elementals (or Fae). She explains how these people feel, what they look like, their personalities and even gives them a little advice on how to better adjust to this new body and to the world on this side of the veil.

My husband and I took her quizzes and confirmed that he is a reincarnated Fae (which we already suspected) and I might be a reincarnated Wise One (witch, wizard, sorcerer, etc). I loved this book and by reading some of the other sections also learned how to help and better interact with some of my friends (who are StarPeople or Walk-ins) and to better understand some of the things my husband does that drives me crazy (especially our feat and famine finances).

If you feel you might be a fae or simply want to get an idea of some of the questions this book asks - Take my new quiz! Are you a Reincarnated Fairy?


  1. I have been told on a few occasions that when they look at me I remind them of a fairy.
    Could I be fae?

  2. Doreen - I wish I our paths could cross. I was in a book by Dr. Meg Blackburn-Loosey "Conversations With the Children of Now" in 2004 and since have recognized many gifts through the use of 15 decks of your Original set of Oracle Cards, and your Tarot Deck. I understand that each deck is intended to read a specific set of people. Ex. I have given devote Christians reading using your Saints cards. I also have discovered a shuffling and reading method with your cards that use three decks shuffled three times, and then cut three times, and then read only reverse cards flipping them to upwright when reading in the past, present, and future. Then cards from the other decks will double and triple to affirm the guidance for the person being read. I have been in 11:11 magazine alongside Sylvia Browne in one of her last print appearances as well. I hope you get this please email me. I look forward to speaking with you, or your associate representative.

  3. Sorry forgot to mention that I have realized I have been my own ancestor, my grandmother passed down gypsy card reading without telling me, growing herbs and plants was also passed down to me. I Am also the only person in my family that plays over 9 instruments and counting. I have moved 12 times in the last 4 years, and I think you can get the picture if I am not Fae I am definitive French Canadian Gypsy - Music Bard type fortune teller. I also have a full weighted solid green obsidian bowl that I found in a second hand store for only 50 dollars. I went to get it appraised and they could not date it without coring it. I told them now. Then I found out that Green obsidian (looks like the wicked witches ball from Oz) is only mined in one mystical area of Mexico where an ancient tribe vanished just the way of the Lumarians, Atlanteans, and Settlers at two colonies within the first American stab at colonization. The ball weighs about 32 pounds, and it is the size of a candle pin bowling ball. When you hold it you can feel the movement of "fluid within" It has veins like a witches ball, and actually my Shaman friend from about 10 years ago said that it was most likely a true witches ball that was mounted on the helm of a pirate ship. Which I see was taken out of sacred temples as they were focusing crystals akin to our Alantean thought projection and data storage crystals that I am sure you have a memory of. I ramble, however I have been trying to get in touch with you since 2003, however I only ended up in a book and two magazines, but someday we may meet if you are ever out toward Tampa Florida let me know. Jude DeCoff Jr. 10/27/1981 German Born Scorpio, Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Ascendant talk about weird life, however very magical and I believe everything until proven with reality. Willowish Tuathasadig Shegearmalith (spelled somewhat correct however the knock on the astral realm to call the guardian and Fae to you through Tuatha)