Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to see the Fae

By far the most common question I see asked about the wee folk is not 'do they exist' but 'How do I see one?'
I've been asked this question on forums, chats, emails, instant messenger, in witchcraft group meetings that discussed fairies, by friends and even some family. They all want to know how to see one. They all want to see one.

So then I start discussing with them how and I usually get some agitated response, which startles me. Turns out, the majority of the people who ask me how to see a fairy want some super quick answer - what I call a Staples Button solution. It just doesn't work that way. I can't blend up a potion for you to drop into your eyes and magically you can see creatures and places beyond your previous scope of vision. Sure I can give you all kinds of supplies and instructions, but it still depends on you as to whether or not you're going to see one.

I have also found that some of these people don't believe in fairies but just want to try out what I say for a matter of seconds and when nothing happens, they feel that they've debunked my advice somehow. To this I just shake my head and move on because no matter what they do, it all comes down to wanting to see them in the first place.

So, I'm stepping off my soap box and I will give you some ADVICE on how to see the fae. These instructions are by NO MEANS an immediate answer. You will have to WORK AT IT, you will have to BELIEVE, and you will have to TRULY WANT IT.

Step 1. The most important thing about seeing fairies is that you must BELIEVE in them! 

Believe in fairies. That's it.
Ont of my mottos is the Latin phrase Credendo Vides - By Believing One Sees (sort of the opposite of the skeptic's motto seeing is believing). I believe that once I or you or anyone decides to believe in something, whether its God, fairies, themselves, their ability to do something, anything, once they believe in it, it's perfectly possible to see that it exists or is true.
I believe that once a person decides not to believe in something, that door is closed to them. They won't ever see it.
So if you want to see a fairy, Believe in them! Believe you will be able to see one! It sounds simple but its a lot of work if you're starting out in a state of disbelief.

Step 2. Relate to the Fairies.
Now that you believe in fairies, think about how you believe they will look like or act or feel.
I think fairies are whimsical, child-like, mischievous, earth-loving, magical, and natural. I mean, sure there's as many different kinds of fairy as there are kinds of people, but in all I think the so called bad ones can be child-like, even if its a temper tantrum and the so-called good or light fairies are even mischievous at times.
Now that I have a pretty good concept of what I think the fae are like, I try and relate to that.

How to relate? 

One way is to get in touch with your inner-child. If fae are child-like and I want to be around them, I need to be child-like too. So I do things that help me connect with my inner-child like coloring in a coloring book, wear pretty pink glittery clothes, snuggle a teddy bear, fix my doll's hair in a braid, watch a Disney movie, etc. These all put me in kid-head-space.

Another way is to add a touch of whimsy to your life. Decorate your living space with artwork that makes your think of fae (which will relate to a step later on). Eat your cake before your dinner. Buy a pair of ruby slippers instead of sensible black heels. Look in the mirror and say "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" And KNOW the answer is YOU!

Be mischievous if it's in your nature to be. Pull SAFE pranks on friends or family. Watch comedies and laugh out loud! Play 'Got your Nose' with the young children around you.

Step 3. Spend time in Nature
Most people believe the fae reside in natural environments like meadows, woods, forests, caves, gardens and places like that. So, the rational thing to do when looking for a fae is to go out into nature to look for them, not an office cubicle or a yoga studio or a library or a classroom. OUTSIDE is where they will be and where you need to be if you're looking for them.

Go on a hike. Meditate in the park. Play in the garden. Do something outside.
Some fae believers and seers say that the best way to see a fae for the first time is to go out into the woods, sit at the base of a great big tree, and wait. Meditate if you must but wait. This may take a few tries and even some long hours of sitting and watching but once the fae see that 1 you aren't going away 2 you have the patience and eagerness to see them and 3 you are disturbing anything by just sitting there...they will deign to make themselves known.

Step 4. Music
Many tales and fae believers say that the fae are drawn to music. The simply love it. So sing, place a song on an instrument, or even a cd of melodious tunes could draw them out. I would suggest old Celtic songs, soft music, or simply instrumental stuff - nothing too thrashy or harsh on delicate ears like metal, rock, rap, techno, dance, etc.
Singing or humming I'm told is best and works great for me. My husband finds playing his guitar and singing or, at times, just whistling works for him.

Step 5. Make a Fairy Space
By making a space in or outside your home, you are welcoming the fae to come into your life and your vision. There are so many ways to do this and many fae believers have become very creative in their space-making techniques.
My 3 favorite ways are Fairy Gardens, Fae Houses, and Fae Altars. (See also How to Attract Fairies to the Home post)

The Fairy Garden
This can be done in 2 ways. You can make a whole garden dedicated to fairies...or you can mark off a section of your garden for the fae specifically.
There are so many lists of flowers, herbs and other plants out there that relate to fae. Whatever you choose, know that most fae, especially wild or garden fae, prefer a cottage-style garden - meaning not too neat and well-trimmed but leave a few "weeds" here and there, let things overgrow a bit, let it get a little wild.
If you're marking off a place for the Fae, try and do so with stones or a statue of a fairy. If you can, try and get large pieces of quartz or stones with quartz in them to mark it off at it gives off great energy.

The Fae Houses
These are so beautiful. They rang in size from the palm of my hand to one I've seen was big enough to be a garden shed. Most are made from twigs, scraps of wood or even reclaimed wood. Others are made from re-purposed tea kettles, boots, doll houses, tree stumps, and so on. The decoration is just as varied. I recommend adding pieces of flourite stone as it is a rock that attracts fae. If its inside, add fresh cut flowers inside or beside the house and maybe some sweet-smelling incense. If outside, plant some flowers around it. Hang wind chimes, crystals, small mirrors, anything shiny.

Fae Altars
This is a great way to make a fae space if you don't have a lot of room - say living in an apartment or sharing the house. The easiest and space-saving-est way to do this, I've found, is to clear off a shelf in the book shelf that gets the most light.
Lay out a piece of sparkly fabric or merely green, purple, rose or white fabric. Try and stay away from pure white or black unless its sparkly gauze. Prints should be natural in theme like flowers or leaves.
On the altar place flourite or quartz crystals (moonstone or lepidolite works good too). Put an image of the fae, and anything else you think will draw them. Sweet-smelling incense, a small glass of absinthe, cut flowers, vials of glitter, etc. Anything you think will draw them in.
Perhaps make an offering of ginger or milk and honey here as well.

There are many other pieces of advice online, if you're open minded and feel like looking.
I hope this little article helps you make many fae friends!

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