Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Attract Faeries to the Home

WARNING: Once invited, they never leave!

The key to attracting fae is PATIENCE. You cannot hurry this process, nor can you force yourself to see them. Simply let it happen.

Provide Shelter or an attractive place for them to stay. Many people make and sell fairy houses, others simply grow and fairy inspired garden. Do what you're talents allow. If you're good at woodwork, build a little house for your fairy friends to live in when they visit. If you have a green thumb, grow a small garden or a few potted plants if you live in an apartment. If neither of these appeals to you, simply decorate a small corner of the house or on an unused table with things you think the fairies will like (small sparkly things are always a great hit).

A ritual to call the fae. There are many many rituals to do this. My biggest suggestion is to write your own. If that isn't your thing, try something simple. My husband simply meditated and on the astral plane invited the fae to join him at his home. He danced in the field next to our house, directing energy with his athame in a spiral. Once the portal was open, I joined him in dancing in a welcome to the fea that came through.

Explore your area. Perhaps the fae are already close by. Look for fairy rings, small glens they might like, or even small caves. Consider leaving a gift here for them to show that you are a friend.

Spend time in nature. This is where many of the fae live and they expect you to show reverence to Mother Nature as much as they do.

Sing. Fairies are attracted to music. My husband is a musician but all I can do is sing. Just this little show of artistry is attractive to the fae. Simply hum a little tune while cleaning the house or when going for a walk to enjoy nature.

Find your inner-child. Children see fae more often than adults. They are more open to the experience. By bringing out and nurturing your inner child, you will be more apt to see them. I do this by coloring, watching old movies I liked as a kid, or even wearing a pretty dress I would have liked when I was a little girl.

Keep the home neat. The fae may not be nit-picky about dust on the mantel but if there is copious amounts of clutter, piles of dishes in the sink, dirty laundry everywhere, there will be a problem for them.

Creative Energy. Much like I mentioned with singing, creative energy is important and attractive to fairies. If you don't sing or play music, allow this energy to flow where it comes natural. Draw, paint, sculpt, even bake or cook!

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