Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fairy Cakes

In many spells, rituals and other actions involving fae and fairy magick the offering of fairy cakes is often mentioned as a gift of thanks to those lovely spirits and beings that have helped.
Fairy cakes can be offering cakes, mini cupcakes or it could be in reference to a poisonous mushroom, Hebeloma crustuliniforme aka poison pie.

This post is about the offering cakes both edible and non-edible.
Here are some shops that sell fairy cakes and some fairy cake recipes for you to use in your magical workings.

MoonlitHerbals on Etsy sells an Herbal Offering of Fairy Cakes that is made of all natural (though not edible) ingredients of rose buds, lavender, glittery mica and more that can be left in nature and will return to the earth without harm to the environment or animals.

Here is a recipe for a lavender rose angel food cake that would be perfect as an offering cake to fairies in its sweetness and herbs.

The recipe for Leibkuchen (Honey Cakes) as an offering is available Here.
Another Honey cake recipe is available Here - I've placed both because honey is a beloved by the fae and even a simple offering of honey mixed in warm or fresh milk is perfect for them.

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